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Klassic Louisiana Catering has the equipment and staff required to make your disaster work run efficiently. You and your crew have a difficult job to do. Make certain that worrying about food isn't part of the process. Call 225-324-5390 immediately after an emergency situation arises so that Klassic Louisiana Catering can be on the scene, keeping everyone fed, until the job is done!

Full-service Emergency Response Catering

Klassic Louisiana Catering served 40,132 meals

during the BP Oil crisis in

Venice, LA in 2010.

Responding to your catering needs 24 hours a day

Call as soon as disaster strikes and keep your workers working until the job is done!


Complimentary lunch tasting consultation

Contact Klassic Louisiana Catering of Baton Rouge, LA to learn how to schedule your FREE consultation. Meet the chefs and the staff and taste the food before serving it to your hungry crew. Don't forget to view our industrial catering and oil field catering services too!

  • Our breakfast meals are cooked on site using our five foot flat grill, with omelets and eggs to order.

  • Our lunch/dinner menu consists of 31 entrees, with excellent sides and homemade desserts.

ServSafe® certified